Blue Kong

Blue Kong
Item Number: KG01

Detailed Description

Blue KONG®

KONG® is legendary for its strength and durability and for being the world's strongest rubber dog toy.
All KONG® toys come in four sizes:
    Medium, Large, Extra Large, and King.

These toys satisfy large, tenacious power chewers and are being used worldwide by Police K-9, Drug Enforcement, and Military K-9 teams as well as Schutzhund and AKC Competition Trainers. They are super bouncy and irresistible for most dogs. The KONG® is made with a self-healing, durable, natural rubber that offers a unique combination of tensile strength, superior elongation, and puncture resistance. Supervised use is recommended for power chewers.

NOTE: Blue Kongs are 25% stronger than Red Kongs. Blue Kongs are made out of a special radio opaque rubber that is X-rayable in case your dog accidentally eats pieces of it.
  • Medium Blue KONG® (intended for puppies) 3½" tall x 2¼" wide
  • Large Blue KONG® 4" tall 2¾" wide
  • X-Large Blue KONG® 5" tall x 3½" wide
  • XXL (KING) Blue KONG® 6" tall x 4" wide