To keep your canine partner safe and well-trained, you will absolutely need the police K-9 accessories we have featured here. We have tactical dog gear as well as items that serve purely as quality-of-life improvements, such as the ozone-emitting "scent crusher" for keeping your K-9 transport vehicle smelling great. The tactical dog gear here consists of dog goggles, mutt muffs, leather and rubber footwear, and other protective gear that is designed to not interfere with a canine's performance in the field. We also have a series of modular components compatible with dog harnesses, such as K9 lights, GoPro cameras, infrared K-9 lights, and more. We also carry a variety of clickers and whistles for use with K-9 training. And if you need carrying cases for items such as dog treats and working balls, we've got you covered. Browse our massive selection of police K-9 accessories and tactical dog gear today.

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