Chevy Tahoe 1/3-2/3 K9 Insert

Chevy Tahoe  1/3-2/3 K9 Insert
Item Number: VAZCTH3
Year and Model

Detailed Description

Chevy Tahoe 1/3 - 2/3 (K-9 on driver's side)
Fits 2010 - current

Dimensions- 61"W x 28" D x 40"H

The E/Z Rider K-9 Container is an all aluminum, heavy-duty, in-vehicle container that is extremely strong and durable, but lightweight. It has been field-proven to be the best system to support the officer, the K-9, and the vehicle. The door-to-door base plate optimizes the entire rear seating area to assist in preventing hip and back injuries to your K-9 when entering or exiting the vehicle. The "1/3rd Plus 2/3rd" K-9 Container allows the officer to safely carry the K-9 and an arrestee in the rear seat area of the law enforcement vehicle. K9 exits Driver's side.

The insert features:
  • Smooth-finish door trim panels
  • Punched metal window guards
  • Vertical roll bars in the front
  • A double-walled impact panel on the front panel
  • Ball bearing slides on the front access door
  • Each insert comes with a rubber floor mat
  • Seamless base prevents any leakage into the vehicle
  • Optional White Powder-Coating is available
  • Dimensions- 61"W x 28" D x 40"H
This insert is easier to clean than any other vehicle K-9 container.

    All items are made to order and will ship via truck freight in six to eight weeks.

    When ordering, please indicate the
    Year and Model of the vehicle in the above provided space, thanks.

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