Elite K-9 Tactical Dog Goggles - Coyote (Tan)

Elite K-9 Tactical Dog Goggles - Coyote (Tan)
Item Number: A175

Detailed Description

Elite K-9 Tactical Dog Goggles

These tactical goggles allow your Police or Military canine to maintain a higher level of protection from unforeseen damage to the eyes from sand, wind and sun and when on the shooting range or doing force on force training with simunition or paintball rounds. These K-9 goggles are a definite must have item for dogs deployed into combat areas. The goggles have a patented, adjustable strap system that will fit most canines' heads and muzzles, allowing for superior motion in any situation.

In addition, your purchase comes with three interchangeable lenses; (1) clear, (1) smoke and (1) [yellow] low-light lens for night operations. These lenses can be changed with speed and ease. The lenses are made of 2.0mm ballistic grade, high-impact material with a scratch resistance coating on the outside of the lenses. The lenses provide 400% UVA/UVB protection. Also enclosed is a soft storage bag that can also be used to wipe the lenses free of dirt and smudges.

The Elite K-9 Tactical Goggles meet and/or exceed Military Standards MIL-PRF-32432, ANSI Z87.1 2015 and EN166 CE and offers the highest level of protection over all other dog goggles on the market.

SIZE: LG | Goggles will fit most large canines weighing 30-100 pounds.

Elite K-9 Tactical Dog Goggles come in two colors: Coyote and Black