Herm Sprenger 3.0 MM Chrome Choke Collar

Herm Sprenger 3.0 MM Chrome Choke Collar
Item Number: C215
3.0 M.M. Chrome Police Choke Collar 
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Detailed Description


These are training collars that tighten when the dog strains at the leash. They should be used as a sharp reminder, or as a guide, and not with constant, heavy pressure, such as to choke the dog. They are made of exquisite materials and are rust-resistant.

  • Links are 3.0mm thickness
  • 18" (17.5" actual length), 20" (19.75" actual length), 22" (21.5" actual length), 24" (23.5" actual length), 26" (25" actual length) and 28" (27.5" actual length) lengths - Chrome Plated Steel