Invisible Muzzle Malinois

Invisible Muzzle Malinois
Item Number: 3HC

Detailed Description

Invisible Muzzle (Malinois 2-Strap)

These new, clear, vinyl muzzles are soft and flexible and are great for protecting trainers when working with combative dogs. These muzzles allow full view of the dog’s face, and can be less offensive to those who have a problem with a muzzled dog. This muzzle fits comfortably. They are designed to be worn for extended periods of time without inhibiting the dog’s breathing, barking, panting, or stress responses. They also allow a dog to drink from a water bowl or bucket while wearing it.

This 2 strap version features one strap that fits around the back of the dog’s head and an extra strap to go over the top of the dog’s head for added security.

NOTE: The vinyl nose piece should be just below the dog’s stop, with the end of the muzzle touching the dog’s nose.

When on the dog:
  • (11" circumference X 3.5" long)
  • Pull the muzzle out and down or pull the muzzle out and up. If it comes off, it is either too loose (straps are not tight enough), or too big for the dog.
  • The muzzle should fit comfortably and allow the dog to pant and bark.