K-9 BSD-3R Buried Odor Detection Kit

K-9 BSD-3R Buried Odor Detection Kit
Item Number: SD303

Detailed Description

K-9 BSDŽ-3R Buried Odor Detection Kit

The kit comes with one (1) K-9 BSDŽ-3R
launching device in camo and three (3) dummy
decoy devices also in camo to assist the trainer
in teaching the K-9 to ignore any other balls
other than the device with the scent and reward.
Bury the odor in the ground beside the K-9 BSDŽ

The kit comes in two choices: Woodland Camo
or Desert Camo, with four (4) balls, a charger,
remote and BSD T-shirt.

The K-9 BSDŽ-3R is Rechargeable using only the
K-9 BSDŽ Charger.

It is fully recharged after 6 hours of charging.
The charging port is located on the outside of
the shell. The easiest way to cock the device is
to insert the ball into the device and push down.
When the K-9 BSDŽ-3R unit is cocked, it is
turned on and draining the batteries. Do
not store or leave the unit cocked for long
periods of time or it will run the batteries

The item comes in two color selections: DC - Desert Camo or WD - Woodland Camo

US Patent - US 7,334,541 B2 - Animal Behavior Shaping Device
US Patent - US 8,104,458 - K-9 Remote Reward