K9 BSD-4

K9 BSD-4
Item Number: BSD4

Detailed Description

K-9 BSD-4 Behavior Shaping Device

The new K-9 BSD-4 has a tone button and a separate launch button. This allows you to use the tone button to mark the behavior, and then the launch button to eject the reward. It also allows you to get the dog to refocus back at the device or the box the device is in by using the tone to get his attention before you push the launch button.

To vary the height of the ejection of the reward, use different weight rewards. 

For example: 
• solid rubber ball ejects 2 feet
• large KONG® ejects 2 feet (must be inserted upside down)
• hollow rubber ball ejects 4 feet
• tennis ball ejects 10 feet

Instruction Manual for K-9 BSD4 and BSD4B