K9 BSD-4B with HDPE Kit

K9 BSD-4B with HDPE Kit
Item Number: BSD4HK

Detailed Description

K-9 BSD-4B Device with HDPE Box Kit

HDPE (high density polyethylene)  Ultra low odor package by design less than .1 part per million VOC. Allowing a wide range of training aids to be the abundant odor source.

A proven system with thousands of canines and 800 plus trainers in 28 countries around the world

The power of the K- 9 BSD system is the ability to reward from source and teach the dog odor is the path to the reward. This equals true prey to the dog while at the same time allowing the trainer control of the reinforcement to shape the desired behavior. The dog also self-discovers that the action is at the odor source. The K-9 BSD trains passive and aggressive alerts quickly and accurately by allowing the trainer instant timing of the active reward directly from the target odor source. The initial and maintenance training can take place in real work settings, creating behavior generalization and effi ciency in training. The initial odor and hunt behavior cue is trained with the odor imprinting ball. It is recommended that a variety of rewards, such as a towel, tennis ball, Kong or rubber ball, be used once the dog is ready for alert training.

The new K-9 BSD-4 has a tone button and a separate launch button. This allows you to use the tone button to mark the behavior, and then the launch button to eject the reward. It also allows you to get the dog to refocus back at the device or the box the device is in by using the tone to get his attention before you push the launch button.

Everything needed for a 4 box system Includes
- K-9 BSD-4 device with barrel
- One remote hand-held transmitter
- 4 HDPE boxes.
- 4 Scent Jars for odor that go with each box
- 4 reward balls
- K-9 BSD T-shirt (choose your size)

To vary the height of the ejection of the reward, use different weight rewards.

For example: 
• solid rubber ball ejects 2 feet
• large KONG® ejects 2 feet (must be inserted upside down)
• hollow rubber ball ejects 4 feet
• tennis ball ejects 10 feet

When the BSD-4 unit is cocked , it is turned on and draining the batteries. Do not store or leave the unit cocked for long periods of time or it will run the batteries down.

To cock the device, insert a ball and push down with the supplied cocking stick. A Kong can also be used by inserting it upside down and cocking in the same manner as described.