K9 Heroes - hard cover

K9 Heroes - hard cover
Item Number: BK77

Detailed Description

K-9 hero's is a non-fiction book based upon true stories of Military K-9 handlers. The book is composed of interviews and stories from handlers.

It is targeted at Military and Law Enforcement audiences but should have a strong appeal to the layman.

Below is the synopsis appearing on the book.

"K-9 Heroes presents stories of courage and duty, friendship and family, loss and love, as told by the men and women serving with Military Working Dogs, whose tasks include scouting, search and rescue, and the detection of explosives. Families and friends remember the servicemen and women, and their dogs, who gave their lives in their country's service, as well as presenting a vivid picture of the life and adventures of a K9 handler. The book is lavishly illustrated with over 100 photographs."

Product Details

  • Hard cover: 296 pages