Martin System (CEMB) Chameleon Extender Multi-Brand Medium

Martin System (CEMB) Chameleon Extender Multi-Brand Medium
Item Number: EM101

Detailed Description


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With the Chameleon® Extender, you can have one brick collar and have the utility of two bricks. You can have more than one positive and negative contact point. Additionally, with the Chameleon® Extender, you can move your contacts and change the number of contacts to have optimal contact and best sensitivity for your dog. You can move the contact points as frequently as necessary to eliminate possibility of necrosis. Additionally, you can use the Chameleon® Feather Contacts which are compatible with the Chameleon® Extenders (and all Chameleon® collars) and give the best contact with flexible comfort.

The Chameleon® Extender Multi Brand Compatible (CEMB®) is available in Medium size and Large size. Measurements do not include any part of the elastic or the Perfect Fit Closure. 

**Please refer to attacted images for measurements of each product.**

The CEMB® is compatible with:
 • Martin System
 • Dogtra 
 • Dog Trace
 • E-Collar Technologies
 • Garmin
 • Sit Means Sit
 • Sport Dog

For the dog to feel something there must be at least one contact point in a negative island and one contact in a positive island. Islands that are mirror images of each other or adjacent to each other make up a positive and a negative island.

Say goodbye to necrosis!

With one receiver have double contact (as if you have 2 receivers)!

Have your contacts on the side and not on the receiver thus making better contact and more comfort for your dog!

Change the position and number of your contacts for best communication!

 • Train with your preferred brand.
 • Move your contact points to the most affective positions, 
    to minimize or maximize sensitivity.
 • Eliminate necrosis by changing the position of the contact points.
 • Take advantage of the contacts being off the brink stone that always
    falls to the lowest spot on the dog’s neck.
 • Chameleon

The MEDIUM size Chameleon ExtenderI has 3 contact islands on each side and measures 11 inches and will fit a dog with neck measurements 15-19 inches.

The LARGE size Chameleon Extender collar has 4 contact islands on each side and measures 13.5 inches and will fit a dog with neck measurements 19-24 inches.

Download Product Manual here!

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