Pro Educator 900 Plus Long Range - Police Model 3/4 Mile Range

Pro Educator 900 Plus Long Range - Police Model 3/4 Mile Range
Item Number: ECT900P-LR

Detailed Description

Pro Educator PE-900-PLUS Long Range    

General Features:

•Dog Size: 5 lbs. and Larger
•3/4 Mile Range
•LCD Display with Back Light allows for Precision Control
•Expandable from 1 to 3 dogs on the fly
•2 Hour Quick Charge Lithium Polymer via USB or Charger
•Battery Level Icon and Flashing Light Indication
•Lost Transmitter Beeper Mode
•Waterproof and Shock Resistant
•Deluxe Carrying Case Included
•Remote Tracking Light – Great for Evening Walks
•Two Year Full Warranty (Batteries Covered)
•Assembled in the USA

Stimulation Sensation Features:

•256 Levels of smooth “blunt” stimulation with 100 Levels displayed on the LCD
•“Lock and Set” and “Maximum Stimulation” Safety Features
•Seven Stimulation Modes to Choose From: •Momentary Stimulation – Brief Pulse of Stimulation
•Momentary Boost – Brief Pulse of Boosted Stimulation
•Continuous – Continuous Stimulation up to 10 Seconds
•Continuous Boost – Continuous Stimulation of Boosted Level up to 10 Seconds
•1 Second Ramp to Level Set by the Volume Dial
•2 Second Ramp to Boosted Level
•Patented “Instant Stimulation” Mode

•Tone and Vibration both have options to automatically administer the stimulation sensation after 2 seconds of tone of vibration should the dog choose not to comply. Ivan Pavlov proved this type of training increases the dog to comply given the sensation is of sufficient value to cause a behavior change.
•Adjustable Boost Selectable between 1 through 60: allows for quick emergency stimulation to freeze the dog if the situation warrants it.