Scent Release Jar with Lid for BSD

Scent Release Jar with Lid for BSD
Item Number: SD313

Detailed Description

Scent Release Jar with Lid for BSD

These lids are 1/2" larger than the hole for the scent Jars and fit perfectly inside the holder of the BSD boxes. The lids are designed with three large holes in the top to allow the scent you are introducing to the dog to flow freely with in the BSD box. The lid can be removed and the metal lid replaced to allow storage of your scent without cross contamination. You can also add to your order the SD66 Set of 24 Printed Training Aid Labels to easily mark and identify your scent and place the jars in the SCD-6 (6 jar holder) or SDC-12 (12 jar holder) Ultra Scent Cases.

Included items:
(1) Scent Release lid
(1) White metal jar lid
(1) Glass jar

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