Badge on My Collar II

Badge on My Collar II
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Badge on My Collar II: To Serve with Honor (paperback)
by Marilyn Jeffers Walton - 384 pages

From the heathered Scottish Highlands to the rugged Australian land down under, K9s are on patrol. Tracking through the Arctic blasts of Canadian winter or across the scorching desert heat of Arizona, they go where they are called. Thrashing through the dangerous jungles of Vietnam or patrolling through the magical green of England's Sherwood Forest, memorable and dedicated dogs of beauty and valor serve with honor. Come along to the U.S. Capitol Building or hover in a helicopters over Indonesia with four-footed officers who protect and serve. Follow the hilarious tales of New Jersey's Tracker and witness the astonishing heroics of dogs, both young and old, from the East Coast to the Deep South. Whether accompanying a crack SWAT unit or tenderly standing by the hospital bed of a sick child, the multi-faceted dogs will warm your heart. In this sequel to Badge on My Collar-A Chronicle of Courageous Canines, Marilyn Jeffers Walton takes you around the globe to ride along with dogs whose stellar careers and unselfish sacrifices exemplify the brave character and profile of today's police canine. The common thread among the geographically-distant dogs is their love of handler, their bravery in the face of confrontation with the "bad guys" and their total willingness to surrender their very lives in order to protect their handlers and the public. Highly-trained, intelligent and steeped in the deepest measure of devotion, this international collection of K9s cast a bright light on all dogs that protect and serve. They are truly the guardians of the night.